Courtney Rice, MS, LGC - 5/25/2016

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Ms. Rice is a Licensed Genetic Counselor (LGC) focusing on cancer predisposition syndrome education and detection.  Ms. Rice started the Hereditary Cancer Program for TriHealth Cancer Institute (TCI) in 2011.  As the medical community’s knowledge of the role that genetics play in cancer development, treatment, and prevention has grown so too has the need for genetics education and assistance in navigating this complicated topic. TriHealth now employs 4 genetic counselors dedicated to Oncology.

We are often asked “What is a genetic counselor?” and “Why do I need counseling”?

A genetic counselor is a health professional with special graduate degree and experience in medical genetics and counseling. In the state of Ohio, genetic counselors must be Licensed and Board Certified. Cancer LGCs will assess the risk of cancer in a family, explain genetic testing options, coordinate testing when appropriate and help you and your healthcare provider use your personalized genetic information to plan cancer screening, prevention and/or treatment.

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The use of the word “counseling” relates to the historical roots of this profession. The first graduate programs for genetic counseling emerged in the late 1960’s. There was a need for a medical professional with advanced biology/genetics knowledge and ability to provide psychological support to families impacted by their genetic condition.  Now genetic counselors fill a variety of roles. A typical genetic counseling appointment for cancer involves discussion of risk factors for cancer, available genetic tests, interpretation of genetic test results for the patient and the physician, and discussion of how the information affects relatives.  Genetic counselors also assist in the process of insurance pre-authorization for genetic tests and answer questions about genetic discrimination. While psychological counseling is sometimes a part of a genetic counseling appointment it is often not the central purpose.

Ms. Rice is from South-Central Ohio but moved to Cincinnati for college. After graduation she moved with her family to Pensacola, Florida to escape the winter snow and worked as a prenatal genetic counselor.  When the opportunity presented itself Ms. Rice was eager to move back to Cincinnati to work in Oncology at TriHealth.  When not working, Ms. Rice enjoys spending time with her husband and twin boys, cooking, and sporting events.

Board Certification

National Society of Genetic Counselors—Board Certified Genetic Counselor 2009-2019

Ohio Board of Medicine-Licensed Genetic Counselor


Miami University, Bachelor of Science, Zoology

University of Cincinnati, Masters of Science in Medical Genetics/Genetic counseling


Attendees will learn about how genetics drives both normal cell cycle and the development and progression of cancer cells. We will discuss that up to 10% of cancers are caused by genetic predisposition mutations, the features of a cancer predisposition syndrome, and genetic testing.

Contact Information

You can meet with a genetic counselor by appt at various TriHealth Cancer Institute Locations throughout the city. Physician referral is encouraged.  Check: for more information. Call 513-853-1300, option 1 to make an appointment.

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Courtney's talk to the Prostate Cancer Information Group

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